Conservation Work

Full Circle Alliance donated funds to support a  Land Health Workshop that was held in September 2018 in conjunction with Badger Creek Ranch and The Quivira Coalition. The funds were used to feed the participants a healthy, wholesome lunch as they work to heal the land.  

Workshop participants learned how to read the landscape to better understand surface water flow and the erosion process. Hands-on instruction included building one-rock dams, rock rundown structures, media luna and Zuni bowls. Participants also learned essential concepts in holistic ecological monitoring and had the opportunity for hands-on practice of a basic monitoring protocol. 

“Plants tell stories about the relationships of herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores with landscapes. Plants are the glue that links soil with herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores – below and aboveground. Land isn’t merely a network of soil, plants, and animals, though, but a cascade of energy flowing from the sun through plants into soil and animals below and aboveground. A species is a strand in a web, linked with millions of other strands.” — Fred Provenza